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Always Magnolia
Publication Date: March 23, 2023
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A story about survival and second chances... After years of suffering at the hands of her abusive husband, Magnolia Crawford escapes in the dead of night with her young daughter and finds herself back in the last place she remembers feeling safe. A lifetime ago, she stood on this very property, in the shade of a magnolia tree behind her childhood home. Here, she made promises to the three boys that have held her heart since she was five years old. Circumstances beyond her control made her break those promises, but she never forgot Matty, Ryan, and Darius. And they never forgot her. Now that she’s back, the guys are ready to do whatever it takes to help Magnolia find herself again and protect her from the darkness that threatens to break her. Can Noli find the strength to weather the oncoming storm and forgive herself? Or will the scars of their past destroy their second chance at love? Always Magnolia is a contemporary MMFM (whychoose) second chance romance. Some material maybe be considered sensitive to some readers, as the main character lives through abuse both as a child and an adult. Please find an extensive list of sensitive content here:
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