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Fertile For Her Harem: Billionaires Instalove Reversed Harem Romance (Billionaires Reversed Harem Book 4) by Cassie Wood
Publication Date: March 19, 2023
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Three wealthy businessmen with a score to settleOne beautiful young woman who is the key to solving their dispute What could possibly go wrong? Life is lonely when you don’t have one to share it with. The fact that my friends are too busy for me is the most painful part of it all. However, by chance, I meet the board directors of a popular software company, And they have a strange way of choosing their CEO. They want me to have their baby! The first one to get me pregnant gets to be the CEO. Who in their right mind would agree to this? With three million dollars on the line, and the possibility of becoming their wife, I would be crazy not to accept it…
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