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Caged Fae
Publication Date: March 10, 2023
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Faerietales are just that...tales. The reality of it all was much more sinister. I was never just some crazy girl who saw eyes in the trees and heard whispers in my walls. It might have been easier that way. But I needed help that only these creatures could give me. They had magic that could cure any ailment, and the person I loved most in this world was dying. I was out of options, scared, enraged. That’s how they found me. Broken, tired and desperate. They pulled me from the mortal world and forced me into an otherworldly auction where unholy creatures would have the chance to own me. To play with their shiny new toy forever in exchange for what I needed most. Unlike the stories, faeries weren't sweet little things with sparkles and wings. They’re ruthless, cold, calculating immortals with a taste for mortal delicacies, and it turns out, I’m the newest item on the menu. Moral of the story....don't make a blood oath with the Princes of the Wild Hunt. This is a dark RH fantasy standalone. TW for b*ndage, bl**d play, t*rture play, SH thoughts, explicit s*x, group s*x, and faeries that love being bad without remorse. (This is a complete rewrite, overhaul and re launch of The Lost and The Wicked Novella, published in 2022.)
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