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Unforeseen Destiny: A Dark Mafia Reverse Harem Romance (Illicit Reign Book 6)
Publication Date: March 11, 2023
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No-one would know an act of kindness could be so sinister…. There was only one enemy left standing, and it was the one person who she thought would be her closest ally. Not that it mattered. The tides were turning, and her empire was nearly complete. Never in Amara’s wildest dreams did she think she could be so lucky to have so much. Wealth. Power. Protection, and most of all… Love. It was more than she had ever wanted. But can she keep it? And what will be the fate of her final foe? ♥ Unforeseen Destiny is the final book in the Illicit Reign series. A dark mafia reverse harem (fmmm) series with unexpected plot twists and suspense themes. If you like steamy romances with powerful females and protective males, then you will enjoy reading the love, lust, and drama in this novella by Aaliyah Rose. Read this dark romance filled with spice today! 18+ Dark Reverse Harem Romance - Warning: This is a dark series and contains sexually explicit scenes, elements of violence, and references to abuse/assault that some readers may find triggering.
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