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Blood Slave by Loxley Savage & M.J. Marstens
Publication Date: September 30, 2023
Amazon Book Description

A century of darkness. Twin vampire kings rotting underground. A coven on the brink of destruction. And a virgin sacrifice to revive them. One hundred years ago, Kings Marek and Mikhail suffered the unthinkable. Lost on the edge of insanity, they withdrew into themselves, barely surviving as a withered version of the royals they once were. Thirsting. Starving. Decaying. Forced to offer a sampling of their blood to find a cure, the coven steals every female in the surrounding lands until a new Blood Slave is found. By day, her blood sustains them. By night, her body inflames them. But will their dark obsession become their undoing once more? **Blood Slave is a dark PNR RH romance. This is a standalone and will end with an HEA.**
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