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Pack Rivals Part One: An Omegaverse Romance
Publication Date: March 28, 2023
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Caught between two rival packs… Goodbye heartache, liars and cheats. I’m hot-tailing it to the city to escape all my problems. What I don’t expect is to find a whole heap more. Right at the top of the pile: turns out I’m not the beta I always believed. Nope, I’m an omega. How do I know? Because the freaking hot alpha, Axel York, I bump into at the gas station, triggers all those repressed hormones and pheromones. Hormones and pheromones I’m battling to control. Then there’s his pack. Rich, powerful, ruthless. The pack every omega wants. Thing is, they’re not interested in the city’s pampered princesses. They want me. As do their arch rivals, Pack Boston. Just as rich, just as powerful and just as freaking hot. Now I’m caught in the middle of this tussle to claim me, struggling to determine what’s real and what’s false. One thing I know for certain, though, neither pack is willing to lose. *** If you love the sauciness and steam of omegaverse with the sweetness of contemporary romance, heroes with hard shells and soft interiors, and heroines who fight for what they want, you’ll love Hannah Haze’s soft and steamy books - omegaverse set in our world. This novel is part one of a duet - happy ending coming in part two.
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