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River Run: A Dark College Romance (A Conspiracy of Ravens Book 3)
Publication Date: March 16, 2023
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We're aching to fix the problems of the past. Will all of the turmoil be worth the future we're barreling towards? After working to take down Alpha Mu, and a rather exposing Valentine's Day, we're exhausted and lost. No one knows where Pierce is, and then an untimely death throws us all off our game. We're finally given the name of the one man we can trust - Mark Riley. Only we don't really know him at all. With newly armored boundaries, fresh outlooks on our relationships and forgiveness on the tip of everyone's tongues, we set out on a Spring Break road trip to find long awaited answers to questions we've feared to ask aloud. But it wouldn't be Spring Break if we didn't make some stops along the way…. Are we ready for the answers we didn't know we needed? Or will they crush us where we stand? River Run is book three in A Conspiracy of Ravens series and cannot be read as a standalone. For more in depth content notes, please visit the authors website.
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