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The Promise (Perpetually Broken Book 1)
Publication Date: March 1, 2023
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Blake:I used to be broken. I’d been that way for so long, that I could no longer recall a time when I was once whole. I learned to live that way; to survive. Dealing with trauma was my specialist skill. Three monsters. Four days. One bullet That’s what it took for all of those broken pieces, that I had fought so hard to hold together, to be obliterated; pulverized over and over until all that remained was dust. Now I give up. Now there is no more surviving. No more fighting. I am a hollow shell and there is no repairing the void left inside of me. Until them. Until their promises reawaken a flicker of hope within me; hope I had spent so many years hiding from; hope I was terrified of. Is it too good to be true? Can I really put my trust in them? They want to be there for me; to help me heal, but how can they when every part of me has been irreparably destroyed? This is a contemporary reverse harem, intended for readers aged 18yrs+ Trigger warning - this book addresses some dark subject matter, including sexual and physical abuse, kidnap, and violence.
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