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Four Stepbrothers & I: Loved By Four Book Two
Publication Date: March 3, 2023
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O'Reilly Fight Club Book One Jasmine learnt from a young age that you can't rely on anybody but yourself. With an absent father and a drug addict for a mother, she has made her own way in life and is more than happy to be alone. That is until her mother sobers up and meets a new guy. Not only does he come with money, but he also has four sons who aren't just older than Jasmine but good-looking too. The O'Reilly brothers have built what they have from the ground up, they are feared by all who know their name, and care for nobody but each other. That is until they meet their new stepsister. They can see how much Jasmine is struggling with her life and want to give her everything she could possibly want and need. But first, they have to gain her trust and show her they have no intention of leaving her like everybody else in her life. They want her to see that they would burn the world so she can rise from the ashes to become the strong woman they know she is destined to be whilst showing her she belongs to them.
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