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Broken Bonds by K.L. Moore
Publication Date: August 1, 2023
Amazon Book Description

My bonds are broken. Gone. I'm left alone to pick up my shattered pieces. A bondless, pregnant omega. It feels like I can't breathe without them. We were all each other had in the world. Or so I thought. One of my alphas had a brother that he kept secret for ten years. A twin brother. Link shows up out of the blue with his pack, wanting to help me. But I can't look at him without longing for someone I'll never see again. They think they can fix me, glue all my broken pieces back together. Jokes on them. My jagged shards will never fit back together again. Saying goodbye is hard. Moving forward after is even harder. But sometimes, the ones we lose look out for us, even after they're gone. Broken Bonds is a slow burn why choose omegaverse romance. This means our fmc will end up with more than one love interest and will not have to pick one or the other.
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