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Raven (Dressed to Kill) byKris Butler
Publication Date: May 12, 2023
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Being an assassin could be lonely at times. To pass the time, I did three things: talked to myself, created chemical formulas to use on marks, and watched my favorite medical drama. Oh, and yeah, that other thing where I healthily stalked my favorite thief group. That was a thing, right? Favorite thief groups? If it wasn’t, it should be. Everything about the Loxley Crew sent my heart into a flutter. They stole from the rich and gave to the poor, like a modern day Robin Hood. I caught sightings of them at times before or after a job, but we never ran into one another while working. Not that I’d know what to say if I did. Awkward girl alert. My current mission included three names—the last of a corrupt pharmaceutical company that I had a score to settle with. It should’ve been a piece of cake. Mmm, cake. Except, nothing was simple when murder was involved and I stumbled into the Loxley Crew—all four of them. Now that they’d found me, they insisted on following me, and making my once hollow heart full. But assassins didn’t get happy endings. This is a standalone multi-love interest book with violence and explicit scenes and ends in a HEA. Check the foreward for more information to decide if this book is the right fit for you. This is a shared world where each book can be read on their own and out of order, but may have some
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