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Destroying the Alpha (Beyond the Pack Book 2)
Publication Date: April 1, 2023
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I’m right back in the one spot I never wanted to be again.With the vilest of people, some more heinous than I ever knew they could be. Stolen in plain sight and held captive in this dark, damp place where I’m powerless to do anything but wait for my mates. As time passes and they never come, I worry they’ve moved on. Forgotten me. I mean, they already have her. Am I worth the trouble? Time is almost out and X marks the day. Secrets are revealed and pasts come back to haunt us. Will Exodus win? Will my mates go to war for me? All I want is the end to come. Whatever that end may be. *This is a dark romance with a building group. Please see content warnings in front of the book or on the authors’ page before reading. This book is the final in a duet and will end with a HEA.*
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