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Midnight Trials: Bloodlines book two
Publication Date: March 17, 2023
Amazon Book Description

The deadly Werewolf Trials have begun. What chance does a werewolf who can’t shift have? Laelia’s life has taken a dramatic change, gone is her quiet life in the woods that she loved so dearly. With the discovery of her magic and mixed heritage, she’s having to compete in the werewolf trials with her life on the line. However, even the strongest of werewolves fall to the trials. With her friends and mate at her side, she has to learn how to survive what many don’t. As friendships start to turn into something more, Laelia’s life becomes more complicated than she ever could have imagined. What’s for certain is that she’s not going to be the same person coming out of this than when she started. Will she survive the trials with both her life and her heart intact? This is a medium/slow burn RH romance with sexually explicit scenes and material some might find distressing. Aimed at readers 18+.
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