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Dark Hollow
Publication Date: March 31, 2023
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Sunny Prescott is your average seventeen year old girl. Well, if your average teenager was in the foster system, without friends or family, and often tossed and shipped around without notice. Most of that changes when a new foster placement arises, and she finds herself plopped down in a quaint, green little town known as Forks. Just kidding! About the Forks part, anyway. Dark Hollow is the smallest, greenest place Sunny has ever seen. Trees, moss, jealous classmates. It's all so new to her. The best part about all the newness is her new best friend, Cilla. And maybe the three guys who are mysteriously touchy and broody. What happens, though, when things aren't quite what they seem? Cilla and the guys open a door for Sunny that she won't be able to forget about. Magick and shifters and queens, oh my! Sunny has to battle through being rejected by mates she didn't know existed, class hierarchy that she wish didn't exist to begin with, and morbid visions foretelling a future she doesn't want. Will Sunny make it in this new, scary world? Read to find out. **Dark Hollow is a multi-POV why choose standalone romance with a HEA. **Due to mature scenes and content, 18+ is recommended.
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