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Dark Winter (Scandalous Slopes Book 3)
Publication Date: March 20, 2023
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Will I ever break free from the chill and darkness of my frozen past? Nightmares are real, and they lurk in the darkness. Haunted by my past, I thought I had hope. I thought I had a chance. When the threats close in, I know I have to do something. I’m desperate to keep those I love safe. Love. I never thought I’d know true love from a man, let alone four sexy, passionate men. But they are here, and they are getting me through. My family and friends are sticking to my side, and I know they believe I will have my happy ending. But will I? I don’t have as much faith as my loved ones. But I do have determination and a fire that can banish the darkness like a roaring bonfire. I only hope I’ll be around at the end to soak in its warmth. For more content information about Dark Winter and the entire Scandalous Slopes series, please visit
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