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Chaos Queen: The lost queen duet
Publication Date: March 31, 2023
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AZZIE-I mean being told that I was kidnapped at birth, the man who beat me and somewhat raised me was not my real dad and that the man who took me in as a homeless teen was my actual dad is some crazy shit. Then add on, “Oh, by the way you have a sister who wants you dead”. Okay. Cool. Does it stop there? Nope. “You’re supposed to be the rightful queen of Hell and a powerful supernatural being.” Yeah, that’s even crazier. Sprinkle some, “You have five mates that your magic chooses without consulting you first,” Yup, that’s the icing on the I need to take crazy pills cupcake. I would love it if someone would pinch me and wake me up already because now, I have to go save Hell before my sister has a chance to kill me. How in the Hell do I do that? CHAOS KINGS- First, we don’t trust her and push her away. Then we find out the truth when she is attacked by Shadowland beings, but she doesn’t handle the news well that supernatural’s exist. Apparently, she really didn’t know about us or of our kind. Then when we finally get the chance to make things right and bond, she gets kidnapped. What is wrong with us? We trained since childhood to protect this woman and have failed multiple times. Finding out the truth of Azzie’s origins is a hard pill to swallow but we were chosen to protect her and to save our home from the wicked witch. Now all we have to do is find her and hope it’s not too late.
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