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Ivory (Dressed to Kill) byKira Roman
Publication Date: May 5, 2023
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Attending an Academy for spoiled rich kids is not on my bucket list, but killing my abuser is.He made my childhood a living hell, until the day Man saved me, and brought me to the Belladonna Mansion. Now it’s time to return the favor. Three targets, one mission. Three broken boys, and three victims. They say bad things come in threes, but there's only one me. I’m not an innocent child anymore, and watching my abuser suffer for his crimes will heal the last of my broken pieces. I hope. I’m used to plans changing, and having to adjust, but no one could have prepared me for Fitz, Maddox, Jacob, Aggie and Liza. Will they get in the way of me doing my job, or will they remind me of all the reasons I love this life I live? Flaws and all. Only one way to find out. Look out Diamond Oak Academy, once I’m done with you, you'll never be the same… Welcome to the dangerous and enticing world of the Belladonnas—where the women may be beautiful, but they’re more deadly than anyone could ever imagine. Assassins. Women for hire. Is there really a difference? These women dress for success…and that success is usually found while standing over the bodies of their targets. Eleven USA Today and International bestselling authors bring you a dark and decadent world full of spies, con men, assassins, and deadly secrets. Will these deadly flowers be able to find love? Harlow by Katie May and R.A. Smyth, March 17, 202 Selena by May Dawson, March 31, 2023 Ivory by Kira Roman, April 14, 2023 Royal by Ann Denton, April 28, 2023 Raven by Kris Butler, May 12, 2023 Lexi by Cilla Raven, May 26, 2023 Naomi by Alisha Williams, June 9, 2023 Karma by Amber Nicole, June 23, 2023 Darcy by Marie Mistry, July 7, 2023 Tabitha by Stacey Brutger, July 21, 2023 WHY CHOOSE FFFMMM HEA Standalone Romance
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