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Sugar: The Candy Shop
Publication Date: March 23, 2023
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Welcome to the Candy shop Where poison never tasted so sweet... Sugar Daniels is nobody’s victim. Cool, calm, and collected, she’s the epitome of a femme fatale and nothing like the little girl she used to be. As the original Candy girl, she’s on a mission to save as many ill-fated people as possible, Buying redemption with every lost soul she finds. But the foundation that Sugar built her life upon is about to be ripped out from under her, Each carefully constructed lie detonating on impact. With smoke and mirrors everywhere she turns and a line of people vying for her head, Sugar will have to fight to the bitter end if she wants to protect the people she loves. Even if that means going all the way back to the beginning, Back to the girl she once was, exposing secrets and leaving a trail of destruction along the way. From the darkest betrayals to the sweetest surrender, Everything Sugar endured, everything she built, all leads back home. But home isn’t where her heart is Home is where the monsters are. Authors note: Sugar is a touch darker than its predecessors; it contains themes such as lovers-to-enemies and enemies-to-lovers and is centered around a slightly unhinged leading lady who will end up with more than one love interest. Throw in a dash of mystery, a pinch of suspense, and stir in a few psychotic tendencies, and voila—instant Sugar satisfaction. Triggers: This book contains dark themes, so please proceed with caution. Due to its content, this book is only suitable for people over the age of eighteen.
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