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Nix: Heaven and Hell Origins Novella (Heaven & Hell) by Kay Wilder
Publication Date: February 20, 2023
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I am one of the oldest demons left walking free in the mortal realm. If I can’t make mortals sin with my seductive looks, I have a well of power coiled inside, waiting for the chance to force them to face their deepest desires. Whether giving vengeful ex’s all the information they need to track down their husband’s mistresses or luring college students to their demise through my body; I never had a problem causing mayhem and havoc until I brought something else home after a sin-filled evening.I wish it had been a poltergeist. **Heaven and Hell is an upcoming why choose stand-alone featuring angels, demons, and a host of other supernatural creatures. Heaven and Hell Origins is a collection of Novellas highlighting the back story of the essential characters that will be found in the upcoming stand-alone. Origins novellas can be read in any order and are intended to be read before the main content; however, they do not need to be read in order to enjoy the main stand-alone title. Note* This book is intended for audiences 18+ as it includes explicit content as well as dark themes that some readers may find triggering. Please look over the full Content Warnings before purchasing.
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