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Semester One (Urban Academy Book 1) by Mazzy J. March
Publication Date: February 10, 2023
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Everything will work out. But that’s hard to believe when I can barely afford a hot, tiny apartment that reeks of whiskey and has a floor vibrating with music from the bar downstairs most nights. Not to mention the loud laughter and occasional rattle of the walls from brawls that make me check my door lock and huddle under the quilt my late mother made for me. The pub is frequented by rough types as well as people from the local university where I work for a pittance. Joe, short for Josephine, my landlady, has offered me a job downstairs, but so far I’ve held out. Unless something else comes up, I’m going to have to accept the offer, but I’m not sure I have the fortitude to deal with what I can barely tolerate at a distance. When my folks died, my sister and brother-in-law took me in, but they had things to work out in their marriage and were offered the opportunity of a lifetime. Move to Fiji and work mostly from home while living right on the beach. Sounded like a cure for divorce to me. When my sister looked at me with hope in her eyes, I did the only thing I could. Lie. I told them I had an opportunity of my own and needed to move across the country to pursue it. Convenient. Right? One night, a growl louder than my empty tummy snaps my attention to the window outside the classroom I’m mopping I peek through the blinds to find a massive gray wolf with the bluest eyes staring right at me. A wolf in the heart of the city? The wolf’s form shimmers, muscles and bones twisting and reshaping into a man with those same eyes, and, when I come to a while later, there’s no sign of the animal or its aftermath. Skipping dinner must have been a mistake. So much for surviving on my own. Urban Academy Semester 1 is the first story in the brand new Urban Academy series by bestselling author Mazzy J. March. The first three books follow the story of Valentina’s new life in the city at The Academy where she learns that the world is much broader and more varied than she ever dreamed and sometimes a human girl’s fate may twine with that of another kind of being. Or three.
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