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Rage Quit (Witchy Games Book 2)
Publication Date: March 31, 2023
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Well shiz. Things are not going the way I planned. My danger-noodle stalker is apparently one of my Heart Bonded. Add to that list a lost Orc-Elf Prince…and his brother… That was an awkward conversation, because they didn't even know they were brothers. Surprise! Now you have to share the same girl for all time! Yay you. Did you know there are endless realms, all interconnected? Did you know I'm definitely not from the realm I was raised in? Oh cool, neither did I… The trials are getting harder, and so is my life. As soon as I get close to finding answers, I only end up with more questions. Like, what the hell realm a Succubus is from.Why choose Romance, with 8-plus love interests.
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