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Burying Blayke (Underground Omega Syndicate)
Publication Date: March 24, 2023
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When the Syndicate calls to collect their debt, Omegas are given no choice but to succeed… or die trying. After finishing grad school and landing the job of my dreams, I never thought my career would run face first into a brick wall. For an omega such as myself, there is only so far I’m allowed to advance in the medical field before I’m constantly looked over for promotions in lieu of one alpha after another. Then my little brother is diagnosed with a serious illness. With his life on the line, I break the ethics promise I made when becoming a doctor and put myself straight into the Syndicate’s line of sight. And they have a job for me to do. It should be a walk in the park and unproblematic. That changes the moment I meet a newly formed pack with some familiar faces. A pack that makes me feel things I shouldn’t. A pack that just so happens to be my targets. It’s been said that a sibling bond is one not to be tested. I’m just now learning how true that is, and how far those bonds go. Especially, when it means having to betray those closest to my heart. This is a reverse harem omegaverse standalone in a shared world where the books can be read in any order. Be sure to grab the other five in the Underground Omega Syndicate Series. Fighting Fallon by Sinclair Kelly Seducing Selena by Devyn Sinclair Breaking Bailey by Jarica James Arming Alexis by Jenn D. Young Lying Lainey by Elizabeth Knight
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