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Hypnotize: A Standalone Omegaverse Romance (Knot Their Omega) byE. J. Lawson
Publication Date: April 11, 2023
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One of the most renowned packs in the entire country chose me to bond as their Omega. Me. It doesn't feel real, and yet here I am, boarding a private jet to their estate. But instead of arriving at a mansion to hors d'oeuvres and champagne, I awake injured and half frozen at the heart of the Alaskan wild after a terrible accident. That’s where he finds me. Everett, the mountain man Alpha with the husky voice and warm scent. He carries me through the snow, back to his cabin where two more Alphas batten down the hatches for the storm of a century. There’s Huck, who looks at me like I’m something to be cherished. And Dean, who seems to want to unravel me until I’m laid bare. I’m grateful to them for saving my life, but with each day spent trapped together by the storm, it becomes more and more difficult to remind myself…I’m Knot Their Omega. HYPNOTIZE is a standalone Omegaverse romance told in multiple points of view. It includes MM and MMFMM and a happily ever after is guaranteed.
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