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Tattered Brothers: An Arranged Marriage Romance (Tattered Obsession Series Book 2)
Publication Date: March 15, 2023
Amazon Book Description

I’m married to the head of the Emmerico family, but I don’t love him… I chose my brother-in-law, and I don’t regret it. I never will. After waking up in the hospital, I learn my husband has twisted everything to make Theo look like the villain... when it was him all along. Theo rescues me soon after, moving me in with his two gorgeous best friends and starting up a new mafia family to fight the Emmerico’s. One where I’m no longer the trophy wife of Lucas Emmerico, but something far more dangerous... I’m Vivian Emmerico, and I won’t stop until we are all safe from my husband. This is an arranged marriage, mafia, steamy romance with possessive males who won’t give up their girl. Recommended for mature readers only. This is a trilogy and book Two.
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