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Justified Retribution (The Deadly Seven)
Publication Date: March 22, 2023
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My life went from boring and uneventful to deadly and insane too fast for me to really grasp it. Finding out my father is a pawn in some twisted man’s game is enough to leave me reeling. If I were a normal person. We all know I’m not, though. My best friend is in danger, leaving me wide open for someone to use against her, so now we’re hiding out. Not just her and her men, but also the man she’s feared her entire life. And the brothers. Liam and Donovan are nothing like the guys I’m used to. Neither is Dimitri. If I’m going to be stuck here, I’m going to have some fun while I’m at it. I’m Kristen, and this is my side of things. **Justified Retribution cannot be read as a standalone. While is does not follow the main relationship of the series, it takes place during the same time period as Salvation and will contain spoilers.** **JR, like Deadly Seven, is a dark, why choose romance and trigger warnings should be acknowledged before reading.**
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