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Professorhole (Billionaire Boss Girl Book 1) byAnn Grech , Clarise Tan, et al.
Publication Date: April 19, 2023
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I play by my rules. My code. My police handler thinks differently, but little does he know the extent of my hacking skills. I’m a billionaire because of them. But the case he assigns me tests me in ways I wasn’t expecting. The brief was simple—study a university subject on investigative techniques. Turns out, it’s anything but easy. My professor is an a-hole. I hate him almost on sight. I want to damage his beautiful face, especially because of the lies he’s telling about my late mother. My handler believes him, and my oldest friend Flynn is infatuated with him. I will prove my mother’s innocence. I will put his accusations to rest once and for all. But that means working closely with both him and Flynn to prove him wrong. My professorhole won’t know what hit him. ♥♥♥♥♥ Billionaire Boss Girl is a contemporary reverse harem / polyamorous series. There is no need for the leading lady (or her men) to choose in order to find their HEA. Professorhole is book ONE of THREE in this slow build, high heat new adult romantic suspense series.
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