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Thurin's Thunder (The Marvel-ous Mates of Artaxa Prime Book 4) by Remy Cavilich
Publication Date: September 30, 2023
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Okay, two's company, three's a crowd. But four males? That's just an orgy waiting to happen. Things on Artaxa Prime are about to get much more complicated. I've already been claimed by three males on this alien planet, and now Thurin, my knight in shining armor, has claimed me as his reina, which loosely translates to soulmate. And these Draconians take that shit seriously. Now, to rescue one of the others from captivity, I have to play along with this new development or be auctioned off to yet another tribe of eager males all looking for a breeding cow. But the more time I spend with my Draconian male, the closer we grow, and I'm left wondering if there actually is something to this reina shit, after all. He's charming, in a golden-retriever sort of way, he's packing double the heat down below, and though his landings leave much to be desired, the way he holds me when he flies--mmmmmm. Do I really have room in my bedroll for one more alien male? Because this one's not interested in letting me go, and I'm not sure I even want him to anymore. The Marvel-ous Mates of Artaxa Prime series is a slow-build menagerie R H, and Celeste's collection of alien mates will only grow larger with each subsequent book. The series should be read in order, to better understand all the surrounding elements of the plot.
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