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Arcane Scholar (Fae Academia Book 2) byKathy Haan and Leo Burk
Publication Date: May 1, 2023
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After the dramatic events of "Bedlam Academy," Rose and her mates are looking forward to a new semester all together under one roof. However, their lives are once again thrown into chaos when Dean Fallgren, the head of Bedlam Academy, goes missing, though her threats continue. In her place, an enigmatic new dean takes over, and introduces a prestigious competition called the Arcane Scholar.The competition offers a tempting prize: a mentorship with the insanely powerful fae and guaranteed safety for the winner's family. Rose and her mates enter the contest, eager to win and secure their loved ones' protection, though they suspect there's a little more to this new dean than meets the eye. As they face off against dangerous rivals and confront their own secrets, the competition takes a toll on each of them.
Meanwhile, Kieran confronts the demons of his past and tries to reconcile them with his present and future, causing him to spiral out of control, threatening to destroy the tenuous relationships he's built.
Rose, her mates, and friends must navigate the dangerous competition and confront a vendetta against her royal family. Will they be able to protect each other and come out on top, or will they fall victim to the machinations of their enemies? Find out in "Arcane Scholar," book two of the Fae Academia series.

Universal fantasies and tropes include:
Fae royalty
Why choose romance
Forbidden love
Mental health
Secret identities/secrets
Power and politics
Does not include other woman drama

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