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Beautiful Deceptions & Sweet Miseries (A Dark College Romance) : Groveton College by Steph Macca
Publication Date: August 21, 2023
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The best made plans can still be shattered just like the fairest hearts can be broken. I had my whole life planned out. There was no Plan B - it was always going to be Plan A. I accepted a scholarship to the elite Groveton College and I was going to get my degree in journalism, marry my sweetheart and live a comfortable life, never having to worry about the small things. A routine check-up changes my life. In one quick moment, everything comes crashing down. But I could never have imagined when I fell, I would land at the feet of Beau, Jax and Chase - three promising athletes at the college. They're on a mission to teach me how to re-enter the dating world and learn new things because apparently 'that's what friends do'. But it turns out there's more to the dating world than bad dates, crappy dating apps and narcissistic ex-boyfriends who make it their mission to destroy you. There's ways to escape, to turn the pain into strength, and find the best version of yourself. But as I learn their ways and give myself to these three very different Doms, I realize some plans are meant to be broken. Beautiful Deceptions & Sweet Miseries (BDSM) is part of the Groveton College shared world series. BDSM is a full-length standalone novel with why choose themes, abuse/DV, explicit sexual situations including the nature as depicted in the acronym title and strong language. There is a HEA.
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