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Love . . . Plus One: Part Two (Lovers and Mavericks)
Publication Date: April 11, 2023
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Lindy's love life has suddenly become complicated. Two men want her . . . all of her—body, heart, and soul. Now, she has a decision to make. Will she pick Ash—her old flame—and possible get her heart broken by the man she once considered her soulmate, or Jaden—the new man in her life that has her questioning Ash's prior soulmate status—and let herself get lost in the passion and fire of their new, deep connection? As she's trying to decide, though, someone else has plans of their own that could take the choice out of her hands, and leave at least one of the three of them dead. __________ Love . . . Plus One (Part Two) is part of the larger world of Lovers and Mavericks. With interconnecting characters and stories full of hot, alpha men and the feisty, strong women they fall for, the world of Lovers and Mavericks will sometimes make you swoon, sometimes make you cry, sometimes make you smile, sometimes make you mad, and sometimes make you breathless. But they will always leave you wanting more. Love . . . Plus One (Part Two) is the second book in the Lovers and Mavericks World ***PLEASE NOTE - This book contains adult content that does not fade to black, has relationship dynamics that are unconventional, features characters who enjoy using lots of four-letter words, and, fair warning . . . who love to talk dirrrrty even more. This book is only appropriate for those 18+.***
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