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Ruthless Claws Complete Collection
Publication Date: March 23, 2023
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My parents built an empire. Then their enemies killed them and took everything. Only they made a mistake; they didn't kill me. I took back my family’s fortune. And then I made them pay. Every last one of them, down to the blood and bones. Now their families want revenge. I refuse to let distractions keep me from holding on to my power, but these distracting temptations keep getting under my skin. And into my bed. Deadly Jake, who stood by me for years. Delicious Cooper, young, sweet but oh so dark. Dangerous Ben, my bodyguard in more ways than one. And secretive Hutton, the outcast whose past is darker than mine. They want my heart, while my enemies want me dead. The complete collection contains: Ivory Crimson Elodie
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