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Changing Chords (Deserted Lilies Book 1)
Publication Date: March 29, 2023
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Life. With a thump it courses through our veins. Love, music, drugs, passion, anger. My name is Evangaline Hart, and my ex-boyfriend left me to die in the middle of Death Valley. He doesn't know I made it out alive, so I've been on the run from the the Prez of an MC called Victorious. So I do what I have to survive: I hide -- he can never find me, because I won't live to tell the tale. Awkwardy Amazing, Amazingy Awkward, better known as 4A, the worlds hottest rock back of the last decade. While everything seems perfect on the outside, all the members of the band have some sort of demon to fight with. Madden is trying to better his life after overcoming addiction. But doing a cross country tour with drugs all around him isn't easy. Bryson would rather not talk about anything and keeps everything bottled up, rather speaking through his music. Wolf has been fighting to be his own person since the day the was born. Being the next big musical prodigy has taken his toll on him. So he does the only thing he can: rebel. Xem is furious. With himself, at the people around him, at his family and at the world. Xem doesn't discriminate; he's just angry with everyone. My name is Evangaline, but you can call me Evan, and this is my story about going on tour with 4A while running for my life. *** Changing Chords is the first book in the Diserted Lilies Trilogy. It's a contemporary reverse harem about a rock band and an MC.
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