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Touch of Winter: Wyldthorn Academy Book One by
Publication Date: January 31, 2023
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“ Just as poison was wielded by the Wyld, so shall poison seep into pond defiled.That which protected will now dig in deep, dragging all into endless sleep. To spare them pain, and prevent the spread of the dead, the only way forward is to walk the path the stars do tread. Walked by four, but also alone, the last step needed can not be known. The Elf Queen will wait, lest fate responds. She will entrust her life, her heart to the Season's new bonds. Fate walks with you, and sometimes ahead, All hope will be lost until one embraces Dread.” Follow Mara, a Kitsune Scion as she tries to find her own way in the world of the Scions, while dealing with a curse she knows nothing about yet, and attention from the Princes of the Seasons. Touch of Winter is a MMFMM reverse harem paranormal romance, set in a college for Scions. It features MM scenes, as well as D/s, primal play, bondage, and other spicy scenes.
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