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A Pack For Christmas : The Exchange: The Lodge by Jillian West
Publication Date: December 5, 2022
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Three years ago, Everly Chastain headed home for Christmas with the pack she thought would be her future. By New Year's Day she headed back to New York alone. Within a year, her younger sister was bonded and pregnant. "Family comes first." That's what her family said, and Everly took it to heart. She shook off the pain and plastered on fake smiles to keep the peace. But with her sister pregnant for the second time in three years, Everly is determined to finally find her forever pack and start a family of her own. When Everly's second match through the government-run Omega Protection Authority falls through, she turns to the private sector. The Exchange offers a safe place for omegas to ride out their heat and a chance to be matched. But Everly found a flaw in the system. She's got a secret, and one way or another she plans to leave her vacation with the best gift she can imagine. This is a reverse harem omegaverse. More info can be found in the Author's Note.
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