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Ignite the Fire: Set the World on Fire Duet Book 1
Publication Date: March 31, 2023
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My name is Riona Murphy and I’m the daughter of the Captain of the Murphy Clan. As a mafia princess I’m forced to have two faces. The fake innocent princess that everyone sees and the real ruthless killer that lurks in the dark. At least that’s the case until my best friend, Aisling, was taken. Now my mask is down and my daggers are clean. No one is going to stop me from tearing this city apart to find her. My only problem, or should I say three problems, are the gorgeous Italians that have sworn to help me find her. With each day I spend with them, I find myself being pulled in by Enzo’s sweet charm, Matteo’s pure sex appeal, and Dante’s dark stares. When I let them into my bed, it was supposed to be just fun. Temporary. I definitely wasn’t supposed to fall for them. Now I’m caught between two families. Pulling toward one while being pulled by the other. Who will win? Me or my Captain? This is book one of two of the Set the World on Fire Duet. They do need to be read in order and this book does end on a cliffhanger. Due to the mature content this book is recommend for only readers 18 years or older. This is a dark romance where the female main character has more than one love interest and she doesn't choose between them. Some of the content may be triggering, please refer to the trigger warnings at the beginning of the book.
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