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Bluegrass Mafia: Going Home: (A Reverse Harem Romance) by Phoebe Pierce
Publication Date: December 19, 2022
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After ten years as a traveling nurse, I should have known better than to ever return to Kentucky. Most parents would be thrilled to have a daughter who is a nurse practitioner, but not everyone comes from a renowned criminal lineage as I do. Determined to reconnect to my past, I return to my childhood home, a compound where my father conducts his vast criminal enterprise. It’s different than years before. Namely, way more dangerous. Worst of all, I’m being guarded by my ex-boyfriend, Hunter, and his crew. Fortunately, my beloved dog, Roscoe, is along for the journey. I might be a buttoned-up healthcare professional, but I come from a family of outlaws. How can I resist the temptations? A tattooed rocker guy? Muscled twin strippers? And the promise of revenge? I might allow myself to have some fun, but I’ll always keep one thing in mind: Nothing, not even falling in love, is worth getting sucked into that criminal underworld again, where a woman is just a possession with no will of her own. This Why Choose/Dark Mafia Romance is intended for readers aged 18+. Please refer to the trigger warnings before reading this book.
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