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The Forbidden Depths (Underwater Magic Book 2)
Publication Date: March 30, 2023
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The Forbidden Depths was a dangerous place holding the ancient secret – that within Akira’s blood is the key that will unleash a hoard of monstrous sea creatures that the goddess Atargatis once created but couldn’t control. After centuries of being locked away, they have gone mad and want nothing more than to feast on her flesh. Which wouldn’t be so bad if they could control their hunger for the rest of her people. As time goes on, Akira starts feeling a strange connection to Atargatis, one that sings to her blood and calls her to the first mermaid. Akira needs a way to sever the connection between her and Atargatis. With her friends, and new-found lovers, they journey to the most powerful sea witch, Urna, who might just have the magic needed. However, when they get there, she demands a hefty price, one that Akira isn’t certain she can pay. But Atargatis is on her way and each day her powers are growing stronger. And the ocean is becoming a much more dangerous place, warped and twisted, and with no one really to trust. When Atargatis’ powers affect Nami, though, Akira is faced with a terrible choice: sacrifice a new love or sacrifice the lives of her people.
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