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The Doorway to the Future (The Genie Whisperer: A Clean Reverse Harem Romance Book 5)
Publication Date: March 20, 2023
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Ali expected their trip to the Archives to search for genie freedom to be uneventful. She should have known better by now. Trapped within the Archives’ many pocket dimensions along with the genies, she’s desperate to find a way out for them all. Too bad the Archives is intent on keeping them where they are. But the Archives aren’t the only thing to fear. Even if they manage to escape the pocket dimensions, the Overseers from The Society have Ali and her friends cornered with the perfect threat: one wrong move from them, and the Overseers will call in the might of The Society. Faced with the unstoppable Archives, Overseers, and wizards, Ali wonders how she’ll make it out of this one alive. Their only trump card may be the truth she’s been avoiding all this time—that she’s not quite human. This series is the equivalent of a mild T or pg-13 rating for some violence and romantic situations.
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