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Dreary Shadows Part Four
Publication Date: March 10, 2023
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Dreary Shadows will always be the place where I lost my soul.I’d look back on my memories of this town one day and feel torn. I found myself, made friends, and found my seven vampires. I also took my last breath here and faced so much darkness it almost suffocated me. Trying to find Blade has become impossible as the weeks pass. Whether he hurt me or not, he was my best friend and he was in trouble. I wouldn’t stop until I got answers and Ezra got his mate back. Even if my vamps want to kill him for what he did. It's vampires vs witches and we can't afford to lose. We have to find Blade and win this war once and for all. I’ll turn to ash before letting my mother destroy everything that I love. *This is a 62k word vampire reverse harem book and it is the final instalment in the Dreary Shadows series. It must be read in order.
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