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Friesian Fire (Flamebound Book 2) by S.Z. Cypress
Publication Date: September 21, 2023
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They are shapeshifters. They live as Friesian stallions or human men, blessed with magical gifts and virtual immortality. They believe I will be their leader, their flame. Without the magical flamebond, they have no hope of forging a herd…a family. Too bad they betrayed my trust before they earned it. Can we build a home full of love and trust atop an introduction laced with deceit? Can I honestly resist the lure of Din, the dark-haired Adonis, Ash, the silver cowboy or my newest suitor, the charming, enigmatic Friso? I’m making no promises. Our magic is stirring, weaving new patterns, forming new connections and calling out to others. I’m discovering a world filled with a variety of shifters, both prey and predator. With the dream of providing a better home to teens lost in the system hanging in the balance, and unknown predators testing our borders, finding our way is going to take heart and magic … and all the luck we can get.
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