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Cupid's Surrender: Reverse Harem Romance by Skyler Andra
Publication Date: November 25, 2022
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Love is for suckers.Love is overrated. Love makes you vulnerable. Locke Casey knows all too well about being burned by love. From her mom siding with her pervert boyfriend. To Locke’s college boyfriend choosing someone else over her. To the creeps on the phone sex line she gets off. This girl would be quite happy to go without romance, if only Eros, the Love God, didn't need her help, infusing her with his powers. Now Locke’s setting hearts aflame, including her own. Opening her heart to love downright terrifies her. But there’s no escaping the unwanted feelings for the sexy and broody Rane, the mischievous and evasive Mads, and Byron, her college love who broke her heart. Cupid’s powers are taking hold whether Locke likes it or not, and she better hold on for the ride! Stories include: Battlefield Love Quicksilver Love Awakened Love Stupid Cupid (a bonus Valentine's novella) Cupid's Surrender is a box set of the completed Operation Cupid series, a slow burn reverse harem series with a curvy, reluctant heroine, and three love interests that will leave you breathless and set your heart aflame. For fan's of second chances with the man that got away, dominant and possessive alphas, and the hero that runs from love.
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