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Monsters' Gift: A Why Choose Monster Romance (Rescued by the Monsters Reverse Harem Romance Series Book 4)
Publication Date: March 26, 2023
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Punished for slipping food to a starving lion-man, I’m now locked in a cage with the bestial male who could kill me with one swipe of his claws. My husband beat me so badly, I’m barely able to move, helpless to defend myself. I’m terrified of the flying lion-man, Hazlan, yet the weakened male generously offers his body heat, tucking me under his downy wing so I live through the bitter winter night. Just when I wonder if either of us is strong enough to see the dawn, an army of monsters bursts into our enclosure, kills my ruthless husband, and rescues us. Their magical healing ceremony requires me to unexpectedly bond with not only Hazlan but two other males: a reluctant centaur and his fierce elf mate. The pair resent the cost of our life-saving cure because it threatens their loving bond. The ice melts on our perilous journey to a safe haven as the four of us discover a blazing attraction that transcends our difficult beginnings. We finally become comfortable with our mutual desire, but what we never expected was… love. Monsters’ Gift in the Rescued by the Monsters series is a dystopian, why-choose monster romance by Award-Winning, USA TODAY Bestselling author Alana Khan. No cheating. No cliffhangers. In this book, everyone loves everyone in all ways. Guaranteed love and happily ever after. Readers 18+.
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