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Finding My Home (Volume 1-6) by Nikita Parmenter
Publication Date: November 20, 2022
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This is Volume 1-6 for the Finding My Home series! Home They were my entire world, and then everything fell apart. I didn't get to say goodbye, Life's thrown me another curve ball, and I'm going back. I'm going home; I'm not the girl they used to know anymore though. I'm a hell of a lot darker. Secrets Worth Keeping Of course, a supposed vacation couldn't stay that way for Ever and the guys, throw in Atlas, and they're all in for one hell of a ride. Twisted Complications There’s something strange going on at the academy. The longer they’re there, the more dark and twisted secrets start to be exposed. Somehow they’re at the heart of it. Warped Revelations Ever, her men and a couple of extra friends are finally starting to unlock the truth about the missing students, but a new lead gives them some shocking news that none of them could’ve predicted and sends Ever into a tailspin. Repercussions Liam revealing one of Ever's biggest secrets should be the only big revelation of the week but now Ever and her men, along with Peter, are in a race against time to get to Elena before a threat from her past can. Revenge Ever’s been taken by Blake, the last thing she saw was two of her men covered in blood lying on the floor. We’re finally going to know why Blake wants her so badly. Will she survive? Will the guys get to her in time? Or will it all be over?
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