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Four Mobsters & A Princess: Loved By Four Book 3
Publication Date: March 15, 2023
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I'm a princess but my life is no fairytale. Especially with my gangster of a father auctioning me to the highest bidder of four rival mobster families. Mikhail Antonov is the heir to the Bratva empire this side of the world. His dark eyes entice and capture me, and his powerful body makes me go weak in the knees. I'm not sure if I'm more scared or excited to find out if he won the bid. Danni O'Malley is a mad man, a cold-blooded killer who has no mercy for his enemies. But when his blue gaze catches mine, I never know if the rapid beating of my heart means I'm terrified or if I can't wait for the Irishman to catch me. Salazar Calderón is the head of the most powerful cartel on our side of the border. He's as beautiful and dangerous as sin. They say his tattoo-covered body is a work of art, and I crave to find out for myself. Vito Romano is as beautiful as a Renaissance statue. But his heart is as cold as the marble he seems to be carved of. So why do I feel the intense burn of his gaze whenever we're close? Why does he treat me like I'm precious? All of them need to marry into our world to forge powerful alliances. And although they all crave and desire me, I know it's not just lust. I see it in their eyes and feel it in my gut. But I can't choose. Then, I start wondering, what if...? Read along to find out what happens when four made men find the woman meant to be theirs and go all in to claim her. This is a safe RH romance with no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed HEA between a good girl born into the wrong family and the four ruthless men who lay their hearts and souls at her feet.
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