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Pieces Of Us: The Complete Series by Kerry Taylor
Publication Date: November 11, 2022
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Read the entire Pieces of Us series! Now all together in one box set. Handfuls of Shattered Pieces: Eight years ago, nine-year-old Olivia Byrd was abducted on her way to school leaving no trace. With no memory of how, she has now escaped and finds herself running for her life, fleeing eight years of darkness, pain and silence, suddenly terrified by every sound and movement around her. Rescued by police, she finds the life she left behind long gone. Instead, surrounded by a world she now has very little knowledge or experience of, she is lost, scared and alone, drowning in a sea of harrowing flashbacks and soul-destroying nightmares. Just when her terrifying memories threaten to pull her under for good, a light appears, in the shape of Dr Xander King. He has been where she is, scared and alone and he wants to do all he can to help her, including bringing her into the amazing family that, years earlier, had rescued him. In a home she does not know or want, Olivia finds a family she didn't realize she needed, and four men who will forever change her life. They do all they can to show her the way out of the terrifying darkness and into the light, and to help her discover who she is now that she is free. Kade, Kyle, Cole and Matt all have dark pasts of their own, which they still fight every day to survive, but they are determined to show Olivia that together, they can all find a way to repair their shattered pieces and find some happiness. But with the kidnapper's whereabouts unknown, and a serial killer lose on the streets of Chicago, keeping Olivia safe is their first priority. This proves harder than they ever thought, when it becomes obvious Olivia is the key to stopping a series of brutal murders. Now they must do all they can to protect the woman they are all falling fast for, from the evils of this world. Shadows of Shattered Souls: After being held captive for over eight years by a brutal, vicious monster, Olivia Byrd escaped, only to find everything she once knew, gone. Scarred, but not broken she fought to overcome the horror of her ordeal and find the life that had been stolen from her for so long. But with the shadows of her past still chasing her she faces a long and terrifying journey to find the happiness and peace she longs for. With 'The Shadow' close by in search of his next victim, can Livy and her guys hold on to what they have built, or will it be what finally breaks them all? Healing Shattered Hearts: Olivia Byrd spent eight years of her childhood at the hands of a monster. Now that monster is gone and she is finally free of him, but she has been left with so many unanswered questions. Who was he? Why did he take her? Who killed him and why? And most of all, was she really free and safe now? Shattering the Darkness: It has been a long road for Olivia and her guys. Together they have been to hell and back more than once. Now, four years after the downfall of Olivia's monsters, has the past finally been laid to rest once and for all? Can Olivia, Kade, Kyle, Cole and Matt finally find the peace and happiness they truly deserve? With exciting news for her guys, Olivia certainly thinks a bright future is on the horizon, but can the past ever really remain the past? With history creeping up on the guys once more and more at stake than ever, can they all pull together to fight the darkness once again? This is a reverse harem story with one woman who falls for four loving, protective men. 18+ Trigger warning - this book touches on some dark topics, including kidnapping, sexual abuse, violence and more.
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