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Auctioned to The Pack: Dark Omegaverse Why Choose Romance (Howl's Edge Island: Omega For The Pack Book 2) by Layla Sparks
Publication Date: December 21, 2022
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A successful carefree omega doctor? Maybe KNOT! Keera A doctor is revered in Howl’s Edge. But not me. Because I’m an omega. Everything changes after I attend the Omega Ball. I’m auctioned off by my very own father There’s a buyer with electric purple eyes…and now there’s nowhere for me to run. Jatix I need to impregnate an omega. My pack is getting desperate for something long-term and the auction seems like a good idea Lots of beautiful omegas, but only one catches my eye And she’s hiding a dark secret that haunts her beautiful eyes… Auctioned To The Pack features Dr. Keera and the Lustfur Pack on Howl's Edge Island. Can Dr. Keera handle Jatix’s psycho wild demands or will she run back to her abusive stepfather? Guaranteed HEA. Each book can be read as a standalone, sharing the same world. Reading the books in order will ensure the best reading experience. Includes Betas, Alphas & Deltas! ♥ Heat Level: Spicy (knotting, possessive growly alphas & omega heat) ♥ Burn: Medium/Instalove ♥ High school? No, for grownups only ♥ Pregnancy? Yes Trigger Warnings: Verbal abuse & mention of assault (none made by her pack)
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