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Redeemed (Wolves of Full Moon Bay Book 3) by Delilah Mohan
Publication Date: November 9, 2022
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Always a damsel, never in distress. As a gal who lived on the wild side, independence fueled my way of life. Never had I thought a girl like me, a girl filled with the power of shifter blood, would have been taken out by a handsome human with an irresistible smile. But in a blink, my world tilted, and I was tossed into a van, waking up in a cell with two broody shifters. I’d always known the world was corrupt. But I never would have thought that our state’s governor held the key to my release. Protected by my family name, I became a pawn in the governor’s scheme, used as bait to capture my alpha and end the reign of our powerful pack. Under the care of the human who captured me, and defending the shifters I’ve grown fond of, I was the governor's puppet while I waited for a rescue that may never come. Our lives and deaths were in each of our hands. One wrong move meant any of us would be the next to die. Fate? Secrets? Lies? The lines were blurred. Their paths intersected. When they all crashed together, it forced us to risk our lives for love, humanity, and a single identical mark that marred all our skin. **Redeemed is a medium spice paranormal romance where our gal gets all her guys. Due to some sensitive topics and subjects, Redeemed may not be for everyone.**
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