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The Lies We Live: A Reverse Harem by B.A. Ennis
Publication Date: November 8, 2022
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Arabella is living her life as someone elses pawn and she has no way of fighting that title in her family.She is the princess of Bristal, and her step father, the King. Also her nightmere. Trying to take some of her power back, she finds herself drinking and making a fool of herself for the towns eyes to see, to get back at the man thats the cause of her miserable existence. When the plan back fires on herself, she gets sent away to help heal her drinking problem, to a private school outside of town. Where she catches the attention of "Three Kings". Sam, Andrew and Kirby. The King's welcome Arabella in to their pack, care for her and maybe even love her. "The Devil, Is Just As Pretty As The Angel He Once Was." Will they be the Saviour's Arabella was hoping for? or will they be her untimely demise.
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