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LU JOAKER: The Great High Queen by Lolipops Marsh
Publication Date: November 25, 2022
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She claimed her body.She claimed her mates. Join her as she claims her kingdom... Newly resurrected Joaker finds herself weakened with the loss of her wolf side and without even a physical body. Led by the cosmic form Mother Kosmah, she embarks on an epic quest to accept her human soul side and become reacquainted with her Beast - a side once lost in her long-forgotten past. Wracked by the pain of loss even as she slowly gains solid form, Joaker vows revenge for those responsible. In the wings, she is watched by the males who see her as theirs, who vow to claim her. Entering the Kingdom of Aeanin under suspicion, Joaker also must find and claim her males, without whom she will be too weak to survive finally merging with her wolf form again. And, with political tensions in her adopted home brewing, she strives to regain the prestige she once had as Selene-Alpha. Will Joaker find and join with her males in time to regain the strength she needs? Will she be able to survive the all-out war that is coming to Aeanin? Click "BUY NOW" right away to find out in the thrilling continuation of the Lu Joaker series
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