Escape by D. J. Humphries

Haven’s story picks up right where book 2 left off in this mid-arc tale – Escape.
The Trickster has claimed Haven as his fated mate, his destined mate, the only person he can be with, and yet, Haven has no attraction to him. Or… she doesn’t at first…? She’s surprised to discover that the longer he’s around, the less that he bothers her, despite the fact that her feelings haven’t changed in the slightest about her own men. It doesn’t help things that Haven’s powers have been changing, growing, though they are truly starting to figure out who she is and what she can do. In the midst of the chaos, they learn that to keep Levi sane, he’ll have to join or start his own pack, which would be fine if Levi wanted to run a pack, or if their new home wasn’t already surrounded by other supernatural groups.

After returning to help out with Marcos’ pack, Haven gets pulled back into the strangeness that she couldn’t quite sort out the last time they were in town. Just as she thinks things are starting to sort themselves out, of course something goes wrong! Caught in a bad situation, completely separated from the people she cares about, will she be able to escape?

This series is officially a slow-burn “behind-closed-doors” reverse harem and is LGBTQ+ friendly.